Benefactor Award

Annually the Joplin Area Catholic School system recognizes an individual, a family or group who exhibits the spirit of dedication to and passion for the mission of Joplin Area Catholic Schools. Any group, individual, or student may submit a nomination. The JACS Advisory Board selects the winner, who is announced each year at the all-schools mass during Catholic Schools’ Week.

We are thankful for our Benefactors. The winners are listed below. Nominations are typically in October with the deadline in December. Contact development@jacss.org to obtain a nomination form.

Benefactor Winners

2021-2022: Sally Robinson and Steve Williams

2020-2021: Fr. Justin Monaghan

2019-2020: Chris Kastler

2018-2019: Dr. Anthony Greenwood

2017-2018: Mary Ann Turk

2015-2016: Karen Drake

2014-2015: Richard Freitas

2013-2014: Steve Jones

2012-2013: Chris Churchwell

2011-2012: Jim Kastler, Aaron and Heather Colson

2010-2011: Sara Metts

2009-2010: Wayne Wilmes

2008-2009: Dr. Shari DeSilva, The Mildred Morse Family

2007-2008: Judy Clarkson, Sharon Reeve, Shirley Soetart, Rita Adams

2006-2007: Scott Brothers, Steve Lucchi

2005-2006: Dave Koch, Zelma Zebert, Donna O’Keefe

2004-2005: Jeanette Stengel, The Most Reverend John J. Leibrecht

2003-2004: Bob Green

2002-2003: Ann Smith

2000-2001: Sr. Mary Corita Holmes, RSM; Paul Brothers

1999-2000: Sr. Mary Norbert Flesch, RSM; Fr. Ray Kunkel

1998-1999: Ray Scheurich, Sisters of Mercy, St. John’s Regional Medical Center