Strategic Plan

Under the direction of Director Georgiana L. McGriff and the School Board, Joplin Area Catholic Schools began a strategic planning process in late 2018 order to shape and continue the future of the legacy of the school system and our Catholic community. Working with JACS on this important process is the Institute for School and Parish Development (ISPD). ISPD, headquartered in the Greater New Orleans Area, is a national development consulting firm that works exclusively with Catholic parishes, schools and dioceses throughout the country.

In order to create plans and strategic initiatives for the future of our school and this Catholic community, we plan to reach out and invite your input as we chart a new course for the future. The 10-month process, which began in May, involves participation of our administration, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, community and parish partners and students.

ISPD worked with JACS to assess our present situation in several areas: governance, involvement of people, enrollment, communication, marketing, and others. ISPD consultant Ken Richard personally interviewed members of our school and parish community and reviewed key materials and publications.


  1. ISPD Assessment
  2. Formation of Steering Committee
  3. Presentation to school and parish leaders
  4. Identification of Top 10 Selling Points of school
  5. Identification of key challenges facing JACS and the Catholic community
  6. Three Planning Workshops
  7. JACS Convocation to which everyone is invited
  8. Presentation of final Strategic Growth Plan
  9. Implementation begins: March 2020

The Steering Committee

We formed a Steering Committee to lead this process. These individuals represent diverse areas and interests of JACS and our community. The Steering Committee has committed themselves to help give their best direction and guidance and will work closely with ISPD and the JACS administration to facilitate our process. Their overall roles include:

  • Working in partnership with JACS administrators, development director, and ISPD;
  • Working to help communicate with all stakeholders about this Strategic Growth Plan;
  • Identifying key stakeholders who can be invited to participate in the three workshops that will seek to solve the challenges;
  • Working to make sure that all stakeholders of JACS are invited to attend the Convocation
  • Providing active leadership in helping facilitate the planning process;
  • Providing leadership and suggested direction in the implementation stage of the Strategic Growth Plan.

Your comments and questions are welcome, and your continued support is very much appreciated. Please reach out to the development office ( or Director McGriff at or 417-624-5003 with any questions or concerns.