March 4, 2022

Dear members of the Joplin Area Catholic School Community,

I am writing to inform you of updates that we are making to our school calendar for the remainder of the year.  These changes are necessitated by the need to make up some of our snow days and to meet the needs of the schools for additional conference time/meeting time.  

We have had seven weather related school closure days and an additional half day that we closed school in January because of high absentee levels.  We had four remote learning days during this time to compensate for some of this lost learning time.  Our diocesan school superintendent expects that schools build at least two snow make up days into our school calendar, which for us were scheduled for May 26th and 27th.    

Due to the need to utilize snow make up days, our last day of school will be Friday, May 27th.  We will have a noon dismissal for summer break on that day, with the remainder of that week being full days.    

We are making two additional calendar adjustments for March and April. On Friday, March 18th St. Peter’s and McAuley will have a half day of school as noted on our school calendar.  

St. Mary’s needs additional time for parent teacher conferences so students at St. Mary’s will not have school on Friday, March 18th.  There will be no shuttle bus service between campuses on Friday, March 18th.  Parent teacher conferences at the middle school and high school are scheduled for Thursday, March 17th from 3:30 – 7 PM.  Conferences at St. Mary’s will be scheduled for 3:30 – 7:00 PM on Thursday as well as from 7:30 – 11:30 AM on Friday, March 18th.  

Principals will share more details about conference schedules, etc. related to each campus.  Our schools will be closed for spring break March 21st to 25th.  

St. Peter’s Middle School and McAuley High School will be hosting their accreditation visiting team from Sunday, April 10 to Tuesday, April 12.  A requirement for ongoing accreditation through the Missouri Nonpublic Schools Accrediting Association is that each of our schools are required to have a visiting team review every six years (St. Mary’s school had their review last year).  Because of this accreditation visit, St. Peter’s and McAuley students will have a half day of school on Tuesday, April 12th to allow for the final report to be shared with the school community that afternoon.  St. Mary’s will have a full day of school that day.  There will be no afternoon shuttle bus between campuses on April 12th.  

Take care,

Sr. Julie