For Jacob “Jake” Freitas ’17 the Catholic school education he received at McAuley provided the foundation for a college experience that changed his life and he hopes to change the lives of others.

Jake met a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Missionary at Northwest Missouri State and attended a retreat. Jake had a significant encounter with the Eucharist that instilled a deeper hunger for the Lord. He continued his college career and deepened his relationship with Jesus.

“The Catholic school upbringing was pretty foundational,” said Jake. “I took it for granted at times. I never realized how blessed to have the Eucharist and Mass so close while at school in Joplin.”

In May 2021 he graduated from Northwest Missouri State with a BS and MS in Mathematics and took a position as a FOCUS Missionary. Beginning in August 2021 he will move to the University of Northern Iowa where he and three other FOCUS Missionaries will strive to help college students get to know Jesus better through Bible studies, retreats and holy friendships. He will serve as a missionary there for two years.

Jake’s heart is working the Church and furthering the mission of Jesus Christ. Wish him well or connect with him at jacob.freitas@focus.org