Students who attended St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School’s Art Camp enjoyed a week full of creativity, and fun. The first day of Art Camp was “Drawing Day.” We did directed drawing right on the tablecloths and then we did some “mirroring” with a partner using chalk and both hands simultaneously. One partner made a motion with both hands and the other partner copied their motion. We took turns being the leader on white and black paper.

The second day of Art Camp was “Painting Day.” We made an Acrylic Soap Resist Painting. To do this we painted an entire paper with brute colors of acrylic paint. We then drizzled dish soap over the surface of the painting and then spray painted the entire thing with black spray paint. After it dried, we hosed off the dish soap to reveal our beautiful colors amid the black! We then drew designs on the Masonite tops of the Art Room stools with Sharpie and then colored them with colored sharpies!

The third day of Art Camp was sculpture day. We built cardboard houses and started to build some furniture fir our houses. The students also did a clay relief sculpture of one of his/her parents.

On the last day of Art Camp children painted the outside of their houses and then the students made a stuffed fish, which will be on display at the beginning of this school year.