Thanks to the commitment of the Joplin Area Catholic Schools’ faculty and staff, our students haven’t stopped learning, increasing their faith, and feeling the family atmosphere that is found within our school walls. Over the course of Spring Break (March 16-20), teachers and faculty came to school to create lesson plans, test ways to teach virtually and create packets of work for our students and families to pick up once Spring Break was over. On Monday after Spring Break, families picked up packets for their students and at McAuley, students picked up Chromebooks.

In the fall of 2019, the JACS – St. Mary’s, St. Peter’s and McAuley – became a Google school. Thanks to grants and a generous donor, 150 Chromebooks arrived a few weeks before spring break, which made the transition to distance learning for our middle school and high school students much easier.

Students from our Early Learners (2-year-olds) all the way up to our 12th graders are participating in Zoom, Facebook Live, Class Dojo and other avenues for learning. Students in grades K-12 are receiving grades for several assignments in all core subjects because we are committed to continuing children’s education during this time. Every two weeks, St. Mary’s students and families have participated in drive-thru events to pick up packets of assignments, and return work. During one of the events, the “Drive-Thru, We Love You,” the St. Mary’s teachers and staff held signs and greeted students from afar to show how much the students were missed.

JACS proudly continues to educate its students through the end of the 2019-2020 school year – May 15, 2020.

We thank our administrators, faculty, staff, parents, volunteers, pastors, diocesan leaders, and students for continuing this faith-filled educational journey with us. The future of JACS is strong, and we appreciate all your support.