After competing virtually in district competition the following students will advance to the state meet for FBLA 2021! All of these students either took tests, created business plans or other business related events, made videos and submitted them all in a virtual format.

1st place winners are as follows:
Carmen C.- Business Financial plan
Grace T.- International Business
John David W.- Intro to Business Procedures and Word processing
Gliza D. and Vy l.- Digital video production and Hospitality and event management
Kate H. and Sophia A.- E Business and Graphic Design
Langley M.- Public speaking

2nd place winners are as follows:
Myah G. and Ava G. – Publication design, and Entrepreneurship
Joe S.- FBLA leader
Lily B. and Phil M.- Business Plan

3rd place winners are-
Carmen C. and Daniel W.- Social Media Strategy
Thomas B., Cade E., Daniel W.- Sports management
Jenny A., Kayleigh T., and Kennedy D.- Website design
Ethan S., Nic S., Dylan T.- Intro to Social media strategy
Kennedy D. – Job Interview
Daniel W.- Agri-business
Jenny A., Kayleigh T., and Jeffrey H.- Business Ethics
Grace J. – Cyber security
Jeffrey H. – Sales Presentation

4th place winners are as follows:
Grace J. – Computer problem solving
Lily B.- Intro to Business Communication
John David W. – Financial Math
Joe S.- Journalism
Carmen C.- Organizational leadership
Matt D. and Cade E.- PSA

5th place winner-
Lilly B. and Sydney E.- Marketing

Congratulations to everyone for all of their hard work and dedication.