Monday, Dec. 7 “Pajama Day” It is the beginning of the week; we don’t need any drama. Come to school dressed in your warm pajamas! *Students can wear appropriate and conservative pajamas to school. Appropriate attire includes pajama bottoms and sweatpants. All clothing items must fit with the conservative nature of our dress code.

Tuesday December 8th “Immaculate Conception” The journey to Bethlehem was long, but they did not tarry. Wear your blue and celebrate Mary! *Students can dress up in celebration for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. You do not have to wear blue but try to incorporate as much blue as possible! NO JEANS.

Wednesday December 9 “Hat Day” Today is not the day for a holiday nap, Come to school in a winter’s cap! *Students can have a free dress day (no sweatpants) and wear a hat. Students cannot participate in the free dress if a hat is not included with their outfit.

Thursday, December 10th “Peppermint Day” Getting ready for finals, Let’s do it right. Today you should wear, Your red and white. *Students can wear jeans and a red or white top.

Friday, December 11th “Red Friday” It is Friday and you know what that means. Get out your Chief’s gear and support our KC team! *Students can wear jeans or sweats and a Chiefs or red top. **Students will pay $2 to have a free dress day or $2 to participate in the Red Friday.

Monday, December 14 “Polar Express Day!” Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up let’s go! There is nothing better than hot chocolate out in the snow! *Students can wear jeans and a warm top (sweater, sweatshirt, etc.)

Tuesday, December 15 “Donut be a Grinch Day” Don’t be a Grinch, Be a Cindy Lou Who. Have a donut, And wear your green, too! *Students can wear jeans and a green top.

Wednesday, December 16 “FLEECE Navidad” Don we now our plaid apparel, Pull out your fleece, Or your favorite plaid flannel. *Students can wear jeans and a flannel top

Thursday, December 17 “Bling in the Holidays” Today is the day, for your photo op. Get on your best clothes, Make your smile pop *Students can dress up for yearbook group pictures in the afternoon.

Friday, December 18 “Ugly Mask Day” Today we end our first semester tasks, Use your creativity to make and wear an ugly mask! *Students can have a free dress day. Sweatpants can be worn.