Spotlight on MERCY Values:  

St. Peter’s and McAuley students and faculty are focusing and doing a spotlight on a Mercy value each month within their Houses (Leo, Ignatius, Gregory, Helena, Thomas Aquinas) and throughout their classes. In August the value was Mercy.

We reviewed the definition of Mercy and worked through the first weeks of school with the students, and then one faculty member from each House selected recipients. “Mercy is defined as empathy or love that manifests itself in action that is practical and thoughtful, warm and open, respectful and enabling. It is inextricably linked to compassion, justice, dignity, excellence, hospitality and stewardship.”

On Friday, September 3rd, students were selected from each House and a spotlight was placed upon them for showing mercy to his/her classmates and faculty. Each House consists of students from all grade levels 6-12th and the recipients are pictured below.