In early March, McAuley and St. Peter’s students successfully participated in the Ozark 7 Math and Science Competition.

Congratulations to our winners. We are so proud of you!

McAuley Awardees: 

High School Biology Bowl: Juliet A., JoJo W., Evan D. and Abby G. – 3rd place

High School Algebra 2: Joe S. – 3rd place

High School Advanced Math: Daniel W. – 3rd place

High School Trigonometry: John W. – 2nd place

St. Peter’s Awardees:

High School Algebra 1: Trae V. – 2nd place

Middle School Aluminum Boat: Michael P. and Bethany L. – 2nd place

Middle School Catapult: Marbellie V. and Angela C. – 3rd place

Middle School Mousetrap Car: Tripp M. and Eli C. – 1st place

Middle School Paper Tower: Vanessa D. and Amelia H. – 3rd place